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10 aprila, 2021
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10 aprila, 2021

1. Terms And Definitions Administrator refers to OOO Internet Panda (LLC), a commercial company that has a legal residence in the Russian Federation as a party that holds the rights to the games and/or their distribution among end users. Block refers to limiting the user`s access to the game by blocking their account in the app. The game refers to an electronic computer program consisting of a body of data and commands that work as a whole on fixed computers and other computer devices (including mobile devices) and that are hosted on the administrator`s servers, including the core server, the gaming client and the website. Game Client refers to a program for an electronic computer hosted by social networks, including, but not limited to, VK.com, Odnoklassniki, My.Mail.ru, Facebook, etc., as well as on the mobile platforms of Google Play and App Store, which provides the necessary communication with the Core server as a key element for the gaming process. App Store Mobile Platform refers to an app store, a section of the iTunes Store online supermarket, which contains different apps for iPhone phones, iPod touch music players and iPad tablets, as well as for PCs (via iTunes), which allow you to purchase licenses for the use of apps at a given price or for free. Google Play Mobile Platform refers to an app memory from Google ompany that allows owners of mobile devices running Android operating systems to acquire licenses for the use of apps at a set price or for free. The user refers to an individual who has entered into this licensing agreement with the administrator in accordance with the provisions of paragraph 2 of this license agreement. The appendices refer to a number of supporting documents, such as the privacy policy, the rules of the game, as well as all other administrative documents made available to the User for verification and confirmation by publishing them on the website and/or on the game`s client. The registration relates to the process of creating a user account. The website refers to the administrator`s website, which is online at the crazypanda.ru address or another URL to which a link is made available to the user. B that its user interface provides the user with access to information and communication and interaction tools related to the game (for example.

B forum, chat, etc.). Server Core refers to a program of electronic computers hosted on the server and allowing communication between game users as part of the gaming process. The virtual space of the game refers to a common definition of the game, the website and all the associated resources. The license agreement refers to this end-user license agreement, including all attachments and appendices that may evolve and/or develop over time. The social network refers to the platform, an online service or a website designed to develop, reflect and organize social relationships.

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