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9 aprila, 2021
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Unfortunately, companies that offer goods and services electronically via the internet cannot expect all of their “Click Wrap” contractual terms to be applied internationally. Courts in some other countries accept the legality of click-wrap agreements may not be as easy as in the United States. However, advance planning and transnational adaptations will allow internet companies to significantly increase their chances of imposing most of the terms of their click-wrap agreements on most major international markets. Web Wrap, click-Wrap and Browse-Wrap are related terms that refer to licensing agreements in software downloaded or used on the Internet. Browse Wrap chords are viewed with more skepticism than click-wrap chords. If a user visits a website or loads a mobile app, but is not required to confirm the terms of use in force, how can a company attach it to these terms of use? Courts generally check whether a user has “real or constructive knowledge of the terms and conditions of a website.” Nguyen v. Barnes – Noble Inc., 763 F.3d 1171, 1176 (9th Cir. 2014) (quote Van Tassell v. United Mktg. Grp., LLC, 795 F.Supp.2d. 770, 790 (N.D. Ill.

2011)). If the user was not fully aware of the Agreement on the Browse Wrap, the courts will then consider whether the design of the site, on which the application of the agreement, would put a “reasonably cautious user upon request notice of the terms of the contract”.” Nguyen at 1177 (306 F.3d at 30-31). In the Nguyen motion, the court found that the design of the Barnes and Noble website was designed in such a way that a reasonably prudent user would not be informed, upon request, of the conditions related to the site, although it appeared on each page that the user was looking at and was even in the immediate vicinity of the buttons on which the user had to click to go to the checkout and make a purchase. The analysis of a user`s constructive perception of a browse wrap agreement and its conditions takes into account the visual design, typography and user experience of the site. Is the link to the agreement in a mess of 15 other links? Is it in 8 points of light grey writing on a medium grey background at the bottom of the site? Is the site designed to allow the user to close a sale without ever having to scroll through the link to the agreement to the part of the page? The answers to these questions should be no if you hope to enforce your Browse Wrap agreement. Use click-wrap chords instead of Browse Wrap. While the requirement that users must click “I accept” does not guarantee that your online agreements are applicable, and it is certainly better that they hope to find and read the agreements. If you are using a website or e-commerce application, you should consider that users should accept the terms of use and the privacy policy at the checkout. Cases show that you may not be able to rely on online agreements that are linked only to the end of a website, especially when they contain provisions such as class actions or court proceedings.

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